Hustle. Heart. Hoops.
Triple Threat Youth Basketball

Triple Threat Youth Basketball
Pacific Palisades | Los Angeles

Why Triple Threat?

Passionate Leadership

Triple Threat is the brainchild of it's founder, CEO & Coach John Koudsi, who seeks to bring hi-level basketball together with community building and charity in order to produce better youth athletes who are well-rounded and civic-minded.

Director of Player Development and Coach Mike Martin brings a wealth of knowledge and skill gleaned over years playing pro  basketball overseas and coaching both pro adults and youth state-side.  

Best in Class Training

We have a deliberate training approach and have mindful offensive and defensive philosophy.  It's never too early to get the kids not only playing the game, but thinking it, foo.  

Positive Coaching

Triple Threat experienced coaches  love kids and love the game.  Our goal is to bring out the best youth athlete  in your child.

Teaching Kids to Give Back

It is our goal and mandate to teach our athletes the importance of giving back so that they may develop not only athletically, but as contributing members of the community.  

As our athletes grow and mature, they will be expected to give back to younger players as mentors and role models.

It's not about the 'dough'

As a non-profit organization, Triple Threat directs funds right back into programming -  enabling our mission to give back to the community and to help serve children who might not have the same opportunities as others.

We won't 'stuff' teams full of players to make  money.  Instead, we'll carefully curate teams who work well together and serve the mission of the organization.


Spending precious hours on sports is better when you're spending those hours among friends!  Triple Threat families are a part of a warm, supportive community striving to succeed together.