Triple Threat Youth Basketball was founded around the goal of helping our children become better players, better teammates, and most importantly, better people.

Youth sports can become a big part of a child’s development far beyond health and fitness. The mental and social benefits of organized sports can help set a solid foundation for the child’s entire lifetime.

We feel that a child will benefit the greatest from their youth sports experience if we focus on the physical, mental, and social aspects of the game equally while offering a diverse environment in which the children can thrive.

We focus on bringing diverse communities together through youth sports and education. We strive to provide children with exposure to peers that they may have not had the opportunity to befriend or learn from in a competitive, disciplined environment.

Through sports, we can provide our children with experiences, camaraderie, and mentorship that will help them become well rounded adults who will meaningfully contribute to society.
Passionate Leadership

Triple Threat is the brainchild of its founder, CEO, and Coach John Koudsi, who sought to bring competitive basketball together with community building and charity in order to produce young athletes who are well-rounded and civic-minded.

Best in Class Training

We have a deliberate training approach and instill in our players a mindful offensive and defensive philosophy. It's never too early to get the kids not only playing the game but thinking it too.

Positive Coaching

Triple Threat experienced coaches love kids and love the game. Our goal is to bring out the best is your child as an athlete, teammate, and member of the community.

Teaching Kids to Give Back

It is our mandate to teach our athletes the importance of giving back so that they may develop not only athletically, but as contributing members of the community. As our athletes grow and mature, they are expected to give back to younger players as mentors and role models.


As a registered non-profit organization, Triple Threat directs funds right back into programming - enabling our mission to give back to the community and to help serve children who might not have the same opportunities as others.

We won't 'stuff' teams full of players in order to hit some revenue goal. Instead, we'll carefully curate teams who work well together, can learn from each other, and serve the mission of the organization.


Spending precious hours on sports is better when you're spending those hours among friends! Triple Threat families are a part of a warm, like-minded, and supportive community striving to succeed together.



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